Quick Answer: Who Won The LCS 2020?

Who is on TSM?

Team SoloMidShort nameTSMPresidentLeena XuCEOAndy “Reginald” DinhPartnersGEICO Grubhub MTN Dew Game Fuel Logitech Twitch LenovoEarningsUS$5.64 million6 more rows.

Who Won summer split 2020?

G2 Esports Win The LEC Summer Split ‘League Of Legends’ Tournament. Covering esports and influencers across the world. G2 Esports pulled off one of the most impressive wins in LEC history by taking down Fnatic 3-0 in the grand final to win the LEC Summer Split and to win their fourth LEC title in a row.

What patch is LCS on?

LoL Esports on Twitter: “#LCS info – The LCS this week will be played on Patch 4.7 with Shen and Braum disabled”

How can TSM make worlds?

How does TSM make worlds? At a minimum: Win Sunday vs either TL/GG, and then next week they beat C9/EG. Doing so will get them into loser’s finals, which would be third seed. To get second, they have to lose in the finals.

Who won LCS 2020?

2020 LCS seasonTV partner(s)English: ESPN2, Twitch, YouTube Chinese: HuyaSpringChampionsCloud9Runners-upFlyQuest13 more rows

Who won LEC 2020?

G2 EsportsG2 Esports take the win at LEC Spring Split 2020 for a 7th European title.

Is g2 going to Worlds 2020?

Suning and G2 Esports are advancing to the next stage of the 2020 World Championship as the first and second seed respectively. After a tiebreaker, Suning secured the first seed in group A. The game was decided by a game-winning flank from top laner Chen “Bin” Ze-Bin.

Is TSM out of playoffs?

Team SoloMid swept Dignitas on Saturday in the first losers bracket match at the League of Legends Championship Series’ Summer Split playoffs, advancing to Round 2 and making Dignitas the first team eliminated from the playoffs. All playoff matches are best-of-five. …

Is TSM going to Worlds 2020?

North America’s first seed, Team SoloMid, suffered an embarrassing exit from the 2020 League of Legends World Championship. After securing the LCS Summer Split trophy and a ticket to Worlds 2020, a lot of fans had high hopes for the TSM roster. However, the LCS champions failed to make it out of the Worlds Group Stage.

Did TSM win?

The League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) Summer playoffs have come to an end. After three long years, TSM have returned to the top of North America after a hard fought 3-2 win over FlyQuest.

Where is Doublelift now?

Team SoloMidDoublelift/Current teams

Is Lgd eliminated?

LGD was eliminated after a second loss on the day against Fnatic. They played a close game against Gen. G to start their day, nearly taking the victory, but getting aced while hitting an open Nexus.