Quick Answer: What Does GTA 5 DLC Mean?

Is GTA V DLC free?

You receive every dlc for free.

Yes, all the DLC such as the Diamond Casino heists, Arena War, Bunker, Facility and everything that comes with these updates are free, but you will of course have to pay in-game money to get the stuff..

Is there any DLC for GTA 5 story mode?

Will there be any Story DLC for GTA 5? No.

Does GTA V Premium Edition include all DLC?

Premium Online Edition collects GTA5, GTA Online, and bundles all the DLC including stuff like The Doomsday Heist, Gunrunning, Smuggler’s Run, Bikers, and “much more” as this press release tells me. Of course, if you’ve bought GTA5 at any time since its PC release in 2015 you already have all that stuff.

How much is the DLC for GTA 5?

Charging $15-20 for a one-time DLC purchase when you can make people pay that (or double or triple that) for a single virtual tank or plane or supercar at any given moment in GTA Online certainly does make DLC seem not “necessary,” as Sarwar says.

Is the Diamond Casino DLC free?

Rockstar has announced The Diamond Casino and Resort, a free DLC for GTA Online. … Players can also pick up new threads from The Casino Store. There’s also the Master Penthouse comes with VIP Membership. This gives you access to VIP lounges, high-limit tables, aircraft and limousine service, and more.

Does GTA 5 still work on ps3?

Rockstar Games Is SHUTTING DOWN Parts Of GTA 5 Online On PlayStation 3 And Xbox 360!