Quick Answer: How Do You Beat The Face Shrine In Link’S Awakening?

Find the Powerful BraceletFrom the entrance, go left and head up.

In this room, take out the Mask-Mimic and stand on the top right orange tile.

Bomb the wall on the right to enter the room with the stairs shown above.

Go up, open the chest, and get the Powerful Bracelet..

What is the imprisoned pols voice?

The mystery of the Imprisoned Pol’s Voice. In this room is the Keese, Pols Voice and Stalfos. … So, in the room with the three enemies, that means we have an order to kill them: Pols Voice (rabbit eats) first, then the Keese (bat) and finally the Stalfos (hooded skeleton).

In Mabe Village, you’ll discover Marin isn’t there. Instead she’s to the south on Toronbo Shores. Specifically, you’ll find her where you found the sword location. Talk to her, and she’ll then join you, following you around the map until you reach the Walrus.

How do you get the Level 2 Power Bracelet in Link’s Awakening?

Up the stairs, Link saw that his hunch was right – the blue blocks were lowered, allowing him to continue! He defeated the enemies here, and went through the door that opened. Link ran up to the treasure chest on the left and opened it, gaining the Level 2 Power Bracelet!

Where do you get the Bird Key?

To reach the next dungeon, Eagle’s Tower, you essentially need to explore the east side of the Tal Tal Mountain Range. This is where you’ll find both the Bird Key and the location of the seventh dungeon, but before you can access the Bird Key, you must have a new companion join you.

Where is Marin after face shrine?

Once players encounter the walrus and need someone to awaken it, she can be found on the eastern beach. She’ll then head to Animal Village after waking the walrus, and can then be found on the aforementioned bridge at Tal Tal Heights where she was left by a group of monsters.

Despite the simple attacks, the Armos Knight is a tricky foe – it’ll jump and when it lands, will knock you over, and attempt to corner you, easily done with its size. To damage it, the easiest way is to use the Bow. Leap using Roc’s Feather just before it lands, then use an arrow to damage it.

Face Shrine is the sixth Dungeon in Link’s Awakening. It is the location of the Coral Triangle. The entrance, located in the Face Shrine region, is settled on a piece of land next to the cliffs separating it from the Rapids Ride….Face ShrineMini-boss(es)SmasherBoss(es)Facade6 more rows

Where do you take face keys?

The Face Key is dropped by the Armos Knight located in the Southern Face Shrine. The Face Key allows Link, by inserting it into the Face Keyhole, to unlock the access to the Face Shrine.

Where do I go after face shrine?

After exiting the Face Shrine midway through via the northwest corner of the dungeon you’ll appear outside on an island in the Rapids Ride. Open the treasure chest here to get a Secret Seashell. There are two horse head statues found in this room.

What do I do with the face key?

The Face Key is a “key” item in The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. It’s used to open the Face Shrine, the sixth dungeon in the game.

Where is the power bracelet in Zelda?

Bottle GrottoThe Power Bracelet is found in the second dungeon, Bottle Grotto. It allows Link to pick up heavy objects like pots, rocks and skulls, as well as some enemies.

How do you beat facade?

Facade boss strategyThe simple way to deal with this is to stand against the wall with your shield facing the room, keeping you from harm. … Do this as soon as it appears – we found laying rather than throwing was better – and repeat until it’s defeated.More items…•

Where can I get a boomerang?

The Boomerang is the last item you can get after completing the Link’s Awakening Trading Sequence. It requires you to go to a hidden cave on the coast of Toronbo Shores with the Magnifying Glass in hand. There, you’ll see a cracked wall. Use a Bomb to open it.