Question: What Questions Do Lawyers Ask Their Clients?

How do you prepare for an attorney meeting?

Seven tips on preparing for your initial consultation with a…Just as you would do before doing to a doctor, write down any questions you have so that you do not forget to ask them.

If there is anything you want to be sure to tell the lawyer about your situation, write it down.

Gather any documents that you think might be relevant.More items….

What questions do lawyers ask their clients?

What Questions do Lawyers Ask Their Clients?What is your case about? A lawyer will want to know every single detail of your case. … What do you hope to accomplish? Your lawyer needs to know the results you desire at the end of the suit. … How do you want us to communicate? … Why did you choose me? … Are you comfortable with my rates?

What do lawyers do for their clients?

As advocates, they represent one of the parties in criminal and civil trials by presenting evidence and arguing in court to support their client. As advisors, lawyers counsel their clients about their legal rights and obligations and suggest particular courses of action in business and personal matters.

How should I dress for an attorney meeting?

The standard attire for meeting with you lawyer should be business casual. Wear dress pants, a nice shirt or top. Women should wear a conservative dress or skirt. Nothing too revealing.