Question: What Is Mermaid Scale?

How do I get the magnifying glass in Zelda?

It is obtained from a hidden chest underneath the Mermaid Statue in Martha’s Bay, which can be moved using a scale given to Link by Martha.

Its main use is to read the “true path” through the Wind Fish’s Egg.

It can also be used to obtain the boomerang..

Where do you get the mermaid necklace in Zelda?

The Mermaid’s Necklace, referred to in-game simply as Necklace, is an item featured in Link’s Awakening as part of the fourteen-item Trading Sequence. Link obtains the Necklace by approaching the Fisherman Under the Bridge in Martha’s Bay with Fishing Hook in hand.

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of Martha’s BayThe Mermaid Statue, entitled The Mourning Mermaid by its creator, is a location in Link’s Awakening. It can be found in the south of Martha’s Bay, one screen below Catfish’s Maw.

Who do I give the pineapple to?

The Pineapple is the seventh item in the game’s Trading Quest. It is received from the Chef Bear in Animal Village after giving her the Honeycomb for her dish. The Pineapple is later given to Papahl in Tal Tal Heights when he asks Link to give him something to eat. As thanks, Papahl gives him the Hibiscus.

What do you do with the mermaid scale in Link’s Awakening?

Go to the Mermaid Statue to get the Magnifying Glass When you reach the gap (that you can’t dash-jump across), use the Hookshot to cross. Continue up the the Mermaid Statue. Place the Scale, and it’ll move to reveal some stairs.

Who do I give the mermaid scale to?

The Mermaid’s Scale is one of fourteen Trading Sequence items in Link’s Awakening. After Link returns the Fishing Hook, the Fisherman in the Under the Bridge area fishes up the Mermaid’s Necklace. Link can take this to Martha, the mermaid in the northwest of Martha’s Bay.

Martha the mermaidThe Mermaid’s Scale is a quest item from The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. Part of the trading quest for the Magnifying Lens, it can be obtained from Martha the mermaid, who has promised a scale from her tail to anyone who brings her Necklace back.

How do I find a mermaid statue?

Just head to the phone booth outside of Animal Village then walk south. Once you reach the edge continue to the left. You’ll see a gap here with boxes on both sides. Hookshot across the gap using the box on the opposite side and you can walk north and west to reach the Mermaid Statue itself.

Is Mermaid girl still alive?

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Where is the Little Mermaid in Denmark?

CopenhagenThe Little Mermaid (Danish: Den lille Havfrue) is a bronze statue by Edvard Eriksen, depicting a mermaid becoming human. The sculpture is displayed on a rock by the waterside at the Langelinie promenade in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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The next item in the Trading Sequence, the Mermaid’s Scale, is received from the mermaid named Martha after Link returns her missing necklace. She can be found swimming around in Martha’s Bay, just north of Catfish’s Maw. She allows him to take a scale from her tail.