Question: Is 160gb Enough For Ps3?

How much GB do I need for ps3?

It really depends on the game.

Most are 5 – 10 gb.

It really depends on the game, for example GTA 5 even if you buy it physically requires an 8gb install.

I’d go with a 250gb PS3 and if you’re trying to go as cheap as possible, a 160gb will do the trick but you’re way better off with a 250gb one..

Can you upgrade ps3 hard drive?

The PS3’s hard drive is fixed to a metal plate using four little screws on its underside. You’ll need to remove all four to change your old PS3 hard drive for your new one. When you’ve swapped the drives, screw the screws back in and re-seat the hard drive in the console.

Is 500gb enough for ps3?

If you plan on buying all your games digitally or you are interested in PS+, then the 500GB would be best. If you’re not interested in either of those things, a 250GB will be fine. … If you’re going to get PS+ (highly recommended) then you’ll probably need the 500 for all the free games.

Is there a memory card for ps3?

Answers. You make an internal memory card, it is in the ‘game’ section of the XMB. You could buy a memory card adaptor and a PS memory card if you want, but it’s a waste of money.

Is 12gb enough for ps3?

It’s the same with the PS3, except that you can use any hard disk with the PS3. In spite of buying a 12GB console, you can expand the device memory to as much as 1TB! Bottom-line: No. 12GB isn’t enough.

Is it worth getting a ps3 in 2020?

There is a version of the PS3 that can play not only its own games, but also those of the PS2 and PS1. That one, if you’re a “retro gamer”, would probably be worth getting. Ultimately, it’s your choice, but it’s probably not worth getting PS3 in 2020.

Does ps3 online still work 2020?

As of 31st January, 2020, 23.59GMT, the SingStore servers will be shut down. All online functionality, network features, and digital music downloads will be immediately disabled. … Note this is not possible for PS3 / PS2 users, where if a downloaded song is deleted, it cannot be re-downloaded.

Is 120gb enough for ps3?

If you wanna buy the 250 then you better be one of those people that put a LOT in their PS3. The 120 is just if you just want to play games and add music and videos but not alot,then you won’t have to much space to do anything. … 120GB is more than enough for your gaming as well as video, music and photo needs.

Can you upgrade ps3 RAM?

The RAM to the PS3 is the same as every other console, firmly soldered onto the main PCB. The PS3 has 256mb of GDDR3 and 256Mb of some form of DDR.

Is 250gb enough for ps3?

Yeah, 250GB is plenty, unless you like to hoard digital games.

Are ps3 games still being made?

Games for PS3 obviously aren’t being made, the last game released for the console was Fifa 19 on September 28 2018. … If you own a PS3, then The Last of Us is a must-play.

How much can 120gb hold?

The actual usable space of 120GB/128GB SSD is somewhere between 80GB to 90GB. If you install Windows 10 with Office 2013 and some other basic applications, you’ll end up with almost 60GB.

Is 80gb enough for ps3?

you’ll be fine with 80gb if your not planning on filling it, like teh guy a few post above said it takes like 20 games to fill you ps3, if your playing 20 ps3 games at one time you have way too much time on your hands, deleting them takes seconds. Psn games tend to be well under 1gb so you should be fine.

Can you add memory to a ps3?

The PS3 is compatible with just about any 2.5-inch SATA notebook hard disk. Both 5400- and 7200-RPM drives should work fine. … The PS3 has a built-in software backup utility that can copy the PS3’s hard-drive contents to an external storage device, such as a USB thumb drive or a memory stick.

How much should I sell a ps3 for?

Short answer: Anywhere from 5 usd to 45 usd. Medium answer: You may sell at any price, but the buyer must be willing to pay the price you give. Supply and demand tells us the price a commodity is and the price a consumer is willing to pay. Once upon a time PS3’s were resold for $1500 usd.