Question: How Do You Fill A Shape With A Picture?

How do I fill a shape with a photo in Photoshop?

How To Fill A Shape With A PhotoStep 1: Create A New Document.

Let’s start by creating a new document.

Step 2: Select The Custom Shape Tool.

Step 3: Set The Tool Mode To “Shape” …

Step 4: Set The Shape Color To Black.

Step 5: Load The Custom Shapes.

Step 6: Choose A Custom Shape.

Step 7: Draw The Shape.

Step 8: Move The Shape Into The Center.More items….

How do I make a picture into a circle?

To see this feature at work, choose Insert, Shapes and select a shape–say, the ellipse. Hold the Shift key as you do this, to draw a perfect circle. Once you’ve selected the shape, theDrawing Tools tab appears. From the Format tab, select Shape Fill, Picture; select a picture to use; and click Insert.

How do I fill a shape with a picture in Powerpoint?

Crop to fit or fill a shape You can have a picture as the fill for a shape. Just click the shape to which you want to add a picture, then under DRAWING TOOLS, on the FORMAT tab, click Shape Styles > Shape Fill > Picture, and select the picture that you want.

How do you fill a shape with pen tool in Photoshop?

Fill a path Select the Pen tool using the shortcut P. To make a selection, click two points to create a line between them, and drag a point to create a curved line. Use Alt/opt-drag your lines to change them. Ctrl/right-click your path in the Paths tab on the right, and then choose Fill Path to create a shape from it.

How do I fill a shape with a picture in Word?

To fill a shape with a picture:Select the shape then click the down arrow next to Shape Fill from the Shape Styles group on the Drawing Tools/Format tab. … When the Insert Pictures dialog box appears, click the Browse button and navigate to where your pictures are stored.More items…•